Frequently Asked Questions

How can you wakeboard without a boat?

An overhead cable pulls riders across the water with a joystick controlled zipline. The cable can be set to pull at a slow speed for beginners or a faster speed for advanced riders. It replaces the need for a boat, reduces waves while riding, and allows for tricks to be done on features, jumps and rails, that could not be found on a lake. It is easier to teach beginners because there is no wasted time turning the boat around after a fall and the rope from the cable pulls riders at a sharper upward angle.

I have never wakeboarded before. How do I start?

Riding behind the cable is easy to learn. Because of the ease of reversing the handle, the rider is able to get a lot more attempts in a short period of time compared to a boat. The cable has a speed pre-set for beginners. CPP offers a learn-to-ride package for $20. this includes a 10 minute private lesson and all rental gear to get you out on the water. After the lesson if you purchase additional ride time that same day you can hold onto your rental gear for free.

Where exactly are you located?

We are located at 9271 NC HWY 903, Ayden, NC. You cannot miss us if you are driving down HWY 903. In case you aren't familiar with HWY 903 we have typed out some directions for various ways to get into the area below.

If you are coming from the GREENVILLE/WINTERVILLE area head down Memorial drive which turns into NC-11 S. Take a right onto HWY 102 then a left onto HWY 903 when HWY 102 deadends. We are on the right after about a mile.

From SNOW HILL just take a right on HWY 903 off of US-13 and you will see the park on your left after about 9 miles.

If you are coming from KINSTON get on Hugo Rd which will turn into Edwards Bridge Rd. then take a left onto HWY 903 and the park is on the right after a quarter mile.

If you are coming from the RALEIGH or FARMVILLE area then take 264-W Alt to Darden Farm Rd. at the dead end take a left onto Willow Green Rd which dead ends at HWY 903 where you will take a left and see the park on the left after a half mile.


9271 HWY 903, Ayden, NC

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