Our Facilities

Cable Park

Open Daily 11AM-8PM

CPP offers two two-tower cable systems. There are currently six features on both the beginner cable and the advanced cable. Including a land gap, multiple jumps for goofy or regular riders, and a variety of rails. Additional winch hits through the woods are currently being built.

Crossfit Class


Beach, Games, and More

Open Daily 11 AM- 8PM

If you aren't ready to give wakeboarding a shot or your worn out from riding relax at one of our two beach viewing areas. There is plenty of room to lay out in the sun or hop in the water to cool off. Additionally, we have zipline across the lake, outdoor games like cornhole and canjam, and much more. CPP offers a piece of paradise for the whole family. Come check it out for only $5 a day!




Open Daily 11 AM- 8 PM

Located in the back of the property along Contennea Creek CPP has three campsites and a large group campsite available for reservation. Wakeboard or enjoy the beach all day then relazx by the fire all night! Then do it all again the next day! Contact us about package deals and group rates.

Female Athlete


9271 HWY 903, Ayden, NC

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